Canvas – Jeff Huntington.

Though it is sometimes hard for Jeff to articulate just why he finds the human face such a compelling subject, this time, the answers come easily.

Concept – Knaggs Guitars.

All of Knaggs’ early loves intersect today in his sleek, comely instruments, each of which bears the indigenous name of a North American river––with a whole line devoted to the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.

Snap – Greg Schmigel.

A graphic designer and photographer, Schmigel is attracted to cultural textures. As happy accidents go, his first experiences with mobile street photography began with a cavalier iPhone 2G purchase.

Waves – Pressing Strings.

It was one of those moments when you happen upon a band that immediately gets your attention.

Motion – Margaret Hannah.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Hannah put on her first ballet slippers at the age of three, but became serious by age 10.

Mode – Retropolitan.

When you walk into Retropolitan, it might take a few minutes to “get” what is going on. It is this. In Ryland’s words, “fashion is not just what we wear, but what we surround ourselves with.”

Emote – Omar Said.

Omar Said is fearless when it comes to his art. The aforementioned scene is his avant-garde, surrealist one-man play in the style of Samuel Beckett: spare in theatrical presentation but deep on philosophical nudging.

Sup – Metropolitan.

I’m on the only rooftop bar this side of the Eastport Bridge. The sun is trumping clouds as I’m brushing wind-blown hair out of my eyes to peer over the 3-foot-glass wall surrounding the deck. “The rooftop deck is everyone’s favorite place,”

Ink – Alive at City Dock.

The defining characteristic that has always made music uniquely beautiful among the arts is its evanescent quality. An arc of notes upon the air, tasted on the palette of the mind, then gone like wind-blown flowers, but leaving its trace in memory and desire.

Hood – Steel a Melody for Me.

Until I reached the fifth grade classroom, it seemed like business as usual at Odenton Elementary School. Most classrooms were quietly engaged in seatwork and the hallways were empty.

Ago – Carr’s Beach.

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! was heard along the Eastern Shore, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and as far west as Ohio. The disk jockey on the air was none other than Charles “Hoppy” Adams broadcasting from WANN-AM, Annapolis, MD.

Hood – Everything Flows Downstream.

I jump in with a smile so wide that my teeth are unable to stop the water from rushing into my mouth, then my nose, and my open eyes, wide with the excitement that summer is here, that boating weather has come, that the icy winter has not destroyed the life that teems within these waters around me.

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