Up.St.ART Annapolis stands for Up Street Art.  Upper West street has been designated as the Arts and Entertainment district in Annapolis.
U.A. is a quarterly publication that highlights the creative people and businesses that make Annapolis such a rich cultural city.
From musicians to artist to community activists to champions of the arts, U.A.’s goal is not just to shine a light on the great works of art created here but to go in depth about the people and businesses behind the arts. We love what these people do, now we want you to know why they do what they do.
With each issue, we will show how diverse our city’s creative gifts are. Because this is a quarterly, it will take a while before we are able to show the wide scope of influences that our city has to offer. We hope you enjoy one of our richest natural resources as much as we do. Our people. Our city.

Artward and Upward.


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