+ By Desiree Smith-Daughety  + Photos by David Burroughs

blue_tight_2It’s not all pretty pouts, gossamer gowns, and crinoline confections. Amanda Kyriae has found herself outside, in snow, with few clothes on. She maintains an ability to harness a laser-sharp focus to think about anything but the temperature, never questioning the creative process of a photographer. “But I do get cold!” she says.

A full-time model and independent marketing consultant, she’s as likely to be found catwalking the length of a runway or in a fashion spread for Southern Living as she is engaging audiences and discussing product releases as a trade show spokesmodel at such venues as the Gaylord National, D.C., or Baltimore Convention Centers.

denimHer poise may come from her military family background. By age 10, she’d moved ten times before settling in Annapolis, where her mother originally hails from. “I love Annapolis. There’s no place on earth like it; it has its crazy moments, but it’s really relaxing and fun at the same time. I have some of the same friends from fifth grade.”

Though Amanda has chased other avenues, such as a psychology degree from UMBC, modeling has long enticed her. She was approached to model as a little girl, but it wasn’t until college that she pursued it. Urged by a close friend to participate in a photography major’s shoot, she was told she possessed natural ability. “Modeling feels very natural to me, and it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.” Her dream gig is working with Louis Vuitton. “It would be the crème de la crème.”

Amanda’s drive to succeed appears to be genetic; her mother is a former Hawaiian Tropic ® bikini model. “I definitely have the work ethic. I don’t know how to stop until I’m successful,” she says. This has required some tough decisions, such as turning down opportunities or otherwise exhausting herself doing shoots for free. While she has never been in a physically uncomfortable situation, it’s important to emphasize it’s not all glam and glitter. For example, she has faced pressure on social media for turning down photo shoots.

Amanda is a multi-faceted woman; what you see isn’t all you get. She gives back as well, participating in charity shows such as Fashion for a Cause/Hospice of the Chesapeake at Porsche of Annapolis and Strut & Sip for Autism.  “The funniest thing I heard was from a friend who went out with a guy from high school—he said I was a huge nerd.” She confesses to reading comic books and being a huge Star Wars fan. “I own a Lego® Princess Leia.” 

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