+ By Rahsaan “Wordslave” Eldridge + Photos by Alison Harbaugh

Cory “Flawless Breezyy” McGhee is a 29-year-old recording artist and entrepreneur, but if you asked him, he’d likely sum it up by telling you that he’s just always been a visionary. He’s a relatively new artist who started recording five years ago, when his older brother and friends, also recording artists, convinced him to step into the booth and try his hand at rapping. The results were met with a mixture of positivity and envy, which McGhee believed could have been because of how quickly he took to being an artist. He hadn’t considered recording before, but deep down, he had an inclination that something was there, and he’d always seemed to have an ear for music. Since then, McGhee has recorded countless songs and videos, including solo material and collaborations, which can be seen on his YouTube channel.
Over a short period of time, McGhee has established himself as a successful rapper, but his childhood interests revolved around fashion, a passion that remains a vital part of his artistic and business enterprise known as GVO Sound Studios, which stands for Good Vibes Only. He is founder and CEO, leading a team of two recording engineers and three photographers. In October 2022, he opened the studios, which are located on Gibralter Avenue. The building is a hub for the multiple arms of McGhee’s businesses, which include a recording studio, photography studio, and clothing store where you can shop for GVO apparel. The walls are decorated with executive citations and awards from Anne Arundel County, the city of Annapolis, and the Maryland General Assembly. One of his most treasured awards is the 2022 Few of the Many Congressman Elijah Cummings Award from the Office of Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman and the Caucus of African American Leaders; it is given for outstanding community service.

McGhee stands in the retail space in the front room of his business GVO Sound, where he sells his own line of custom designs. Photo by Alison Harbaugh.

McGhee’s talent and skills go beyond those of artistic nature. He’s got a passion for giving back and serving his community. He grew up in Annapolis Gardens and is the proud father of four, ages 3, 6, 9, and 12. He’s committed to serving children who may not have access to the same amenities that he’s been able to provide for his family. Part of his community engagement efforts was founding the No Dead Beats Club, an organization that serves elementary and middle school students. The club hosts an annual Back-to-School Bash, which provides uniforms and backpacks for students whose families may not be able to afford the uniforms that are mandatory at many schools. McGhee says the event is like a field day at school, complete with games and food—the latest one featured a moon bounce and a petting zoo. Run by a group of volunteers, the club accepts donations to assist with the costs of the event and providing the supplies to students.

McGhee with nurses and techs from Anne Arundel Medical Center and the Ibajay District Hospital during a medical mission to Aklan, Philippines, in 2023.

“I just want to be better than I am today.”
As if being an artist and running a recording studio, photography studio, clothing store, and community organization weren’t enough, McGhee also has a demanding day job as manager of sterile processing at Anne Arundel Medical Center, where he’s been working for over a decade. The birth of his first child, when McGhee was 17 years old, was the impetus for applying for a job there. He started out working in food and nutrition, serving meals to patients. He then moved to washing dishes and sanitation. Next was cold prep, preparing salads and cold foods for the cafeteria. At sterile processing, instruments for surgery are cleaned and sanitized. He worked his way up, eventually becoming manager of the department.
The through line in all his endeavors seems to be a combination of being driven to help people in need and the desire to learn as much as possible and advance to the next level. When he feels that he’s achieved that, “it’s time to try something new,” he says. In his medical world, that “something new” came along when a friend and coworker invited him on a mission trip to the Philippines with Medical Missions of Mercy USA (MMOM).

McGhee working on his original music in the production room at his studio, GVO Sound. Photo by Alison Harbaugh.

MMOM is a volunteer group that provides free medical, dental, and surgical treatments to underserved and developing provinces in countries such as the Philippines and Guatemala, both of which McGhee has traveled to as a volunteer. He has also been to Brazil, Thailand, Egypt, and Japan and chronicles on his Instagram account to show what fulfilling experiences are possible when one travels outside of their comfort zone.
“Once I’ve mastered one thing, it’s time to master the next thing.”
McGhee hopes to release new music this year, for the first time since 2021. His long-term goals include purchasing his own building to house the recording and photography studios and expanding the clothing side of his operation. He also wants to purchase a home big enough for his entire family, retire by the time he’s 40, and travel the world.
McGhee wears many hats: father, entrepreneur, recording artist, and community leader. With a wide smile, he speaks with an apparent lack of tolerance for complacency and apathy, which is emblematic of his desire to see people do more and do better. He’s proud but not boastful, ambitious but not greedy. He truly believes that anyone can do what they set their mind to do. He also understands that sometimes a little extra help is needed, and he’s more than willing to roll up his sleeves and help get it done. 

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