Hey Kids: We Want Your Youth Poetry!

In News by Andrea Stuart

Deadline: October 2, 2022

Sometimes syllables dangle off of incomplete thoughts and raw emotions. Sometimes the voice goes mute, the hands freeze, the feet lose the rhythm, and the mind sleeps. Sometimes it’s wiser to play the witness, to observe and sit with what needs processing.

Other times, service in action is required.

The creator is a listener, a watcher, a feeler, a historian, an interpreter of the material and ethereal. By nature, the artist collects experiences, observations, and obstructions of the mind until they animate.

History is recorded by artists in buildings, kitchens, machines, images, libraries, songs, laboratories, and memories. We’d love to know how youth are interpreting their experiences and observations of the world that they are inheriting in verse.

We’re putting out another call for youth poets, ages 18 and under. We’ll select a handful of poems and publish them in the winter 2022 issue.

Guidelines: Poets may submit one to three poems in a Word document by email to Upstarteditor@gmail.com. The email subject should be titled “Youth Poetry Submission.” Poems should be no more than 40 lines long, including spaces. Please include in the Word document, in the upper right of the header, the poet’s first and last names, email, phone number, age, and poem title(s).

Hey kids: we want your youth poetry! So, send in your poems before the deadline for a chance to be included in our magazine.