Tell Us About Your Home! A Call for Essays on Annapolis Neighborhoods

In News by Andrea Stuart

Whether it’s a specific place we go to at the end of each day or an idea we have that brings us comfort, home is a ubiquitous concept. For the 40,000-plus people who live in Annapolis, home dovetails geographic location with history. While tourists tend to focus on its colonial past, the city has a longer, broader, deeper, storied history that tendrils into every corner of its bayside landscape.

The greater Annapolis area is made up of dozens of neighborhoods, with vibrant populations, each of which are unique in character. Some people have called these places home for generations, while others have more recently settled there.

We would like to know about your neighborhood and your relationship to it. Consider sharing the neighborhood’s physical attributes, residents, history, whether you have past family ties there, your feelings about living there, and what role the neighborhood has played in your life. Essays should demonstrate a connection to place through your experiences and observations. We will then compile essays to present what Annapolis feels like today, through you.

Essays should include a title, byline, be single spaced with no paragraph indentations, and be 1,000–1,500 words. Please submit your essay by June 30, 2023, to with the subject line “Annapolis Neighborhood Essay.” The chosen essays will appear in the the fall issue of Up.St.ART Annapolis.