In our winter 2019 issue, we featured a story, “All in Good Fun,” about the Jello Boys, a long-lived local band, as told through the reminiscences of songwriter, guitarist, and band member Steve Badger. We wanted to add some information and make some corrections.

Not mentioned in the article was the late Greg McKain. For over 32 years, he was the band’s drummer. He wrote songs, singing lead on them and other American roots material that he brought to the band, sang backup, and hauled much of the band’s equipment in his van. Says Jello Boys pianist Jimmy Jacobs of McKain, “He played in the Army Band and really knew his music. He became a driving force in the Jello Boys.” In 2016, McKain had a fatal heart attack the morning after a Jello Boys gig. His untimely passing deeply affected the band. “While we’re continuing on, it’s just not the same” says Jacobs.

Other key members of the Jello Boys over the years included Casey Letizia (lead guitar) and the late Kenny West (bass). Between 1983 and 1995, six of the band members wrote songs: McKain, Letizia, Badger, Jacobs, Greg Gabor, and Leslie Agre. 

The published story incorrectly stated that McKain’s arm was in a cast in 1992. Rather, his foot was in a cast for six weeks over a decade later.Also, the 1980’s band photo on p. 25 did not identify band members. They were: (L–R) Steve Badger, Kenny West, “Pete the Drummer,” Jimmy Collison, and Greg Gabor.