Believe, Become, Behold … !

In Inspiration by Andrea Stuart

UpStArt_Spring+2015-84It looks like three simple words superimposed on an image, designed to elicit a momentary nod. But pull back from the page for just one second. Pause. Narrow your eyes and take a closer look: Believe, Become, and Behold. Masticate them with non-covetous teeth and tongue until these words transcend dictionary and thesaurus, transforming into fully digestible possibilities.

Yes, they are three simple words. But what they lack in colloquial glamor, they make up for in intention. They represent humanity’s quest for understanding, beyond the opaque aperture of doubt and fear. These words don’t demand worship, adoption, or chant. They don’t clamor for equality among existing ideals.  No. They sit in stasis, unabridged; animated by the spark of a thought or experience–perhaps shared–which then gives birth to a new reality, a new perspective, a new sense of self or the world, until finally, awareness takes its first breath, deep and saturated in knowledge. It matters not how the knowledge formed, per se, or from where, but that it surfaced. That new knowledge is belief, and it fuels our longing to become more than the sum of our parts. This is where we are born, again and again. Behold.